Updated: Jun 13

Streaming live content using the internet is not a new concept as it was probably a decade ago. At that time, people weren’t even familiar with the terminology “live streaming”, let alone how to effectively incorporate it in their businesses. But today brands, thanks to convenient tools like Facebook Live and Youtube Live, seem to have a pretty clear grasp over how live streaming works and can be profitable if they make the proper use of it.

If, by any chance, you are new to this live streaming concept and aren’t sure why it can be advantageous to your brand, continue reading this insightful piece.

Increased Attendance at Seminars and Events

According to a case study on virtual attendees by Meetings Today, brands that live stream their events observe an increase in their attendees by a 23% conversion rate. There are many reasons why a person may not be able to attend your event – not feeling well, poor weather conditions, etc., but most importantly it is the “fear of the unknown” i.e., is the event going to be worth your time and energy?

Not many people like to take risks, and that is where live streaming can help them assess the quality of your events online. If it is good enough, those virtual attendees will make it a point to physically attend your next event.

Serves as a Great Marketing Tool

One of the biggest misconceptions about online broadcasting is that once it is over, it stops being meaningful or useful. The advantage of live streaming goes beyond its ability to engage people that couldn’t make it to the event. It can be a great marketing tool – the live footage can be recorded and shared on different platforms throughout the year to achieve the desired impact for your company.

You can do so by archiving the entire event on your website, uploading it on Youtube to expose as many people as possible to your event, sharing short but effective clips from time to time on Facebook, etc.

An Additional Source of Income

Organizations may not know it, but live streaming can provide them with new revenue sources. For example, they can charge viewers with a small fee in order to view the event, or they can offer a sponsorship deal to their advertisers that will allow their name and logo to appear on the live streamed footage.

Allows Better Interaction

Unlike other modes of interaction, live streaming can be casual, fun, and as long as you want. If there is any form of restriction that you want your live streaming video to have, it will be and can only be imposed by you and no one else. So make sure that you make great use of this excellent marketing mechanic.

Make a distinct space for yourself in the online world by live streaming your events, seminars, and training sessions. It will, indeed, be worth it!


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